Saturday, April 28, 2012

$60 FREE Giveaway for the Wynn's

The Wynn Family 
James 1:27 "This is pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father, to visit  orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself unstained by the world"
To visit means more than just drop by an orphanage and say "Hi". To visit in this verse is from the Greek word "episketomal" which means to look upon with mercy, favor or regard, to look after, take care of, tend. 
 In response to the command in James 1:27 I have setup an online fundraising party to help the Wynn family raise money to bring their son, Caleb home.
You can click HERE  to learn more about the WYNN family and their heart for adoption.
Because this is such a special fundraiser, 
we have also added a SPECIAL GIVEAWAY 
at the close of the party where we will draw a winner from 
those who have helped promote, donate or made
a purchase to support the WYNN ADOPTION FUND.

Details about this are at the bottom of this post. 
I am a Lilla Rose consultant.

All earnings from this online party will go to the Wynn Family Adoption Fund.
If you are new to Lilla Rose 
and do not know what a Flexi-Clip is,
I have provided a description
to help you understand them a little better.
"The Flexi-Clip is amazing . . . 
it is a beautiful one-piece hair clip with an attached locking, sliding
pin that works in all types of hair, from baby fine to extra long and thick.

It comes in 7 sizes, and enables you 
to do a wonderful variety of 
charming hairstyles!  
It is also very comfortable, and ends the "ponytail headache!" 
It really is a life-saver for busy women, moms and girls, because you can still beautifully do your hair in seconds."

Here are the details so you can help:
As an Independent consultant I have set up an
online fundraising party to help bring Caleb home! 

All proceeds from purchases made through 
this special party link will go to the Wynn Adoption Fund! 

All orders will also placed will be shipped to your home! 


This fundraising party will be open from now,
May  2-23
 and orders will be shipped out at the close of the party.
All items come with a one-year guarantee.
To shop at the party, click on the link below.

You can watch the styling/sizing videos (click here) first, to determine 
your perfect size, then click on your size to find your perfect flexi! 
 Make sure you come back here to order through the above link,
so you and the Wynn Family can get credit for your purchase.


Here is the information on the BONUS
Give-A-Way to all of those who have
helped support the Wynn’s through this 
special fundraiser.   

This one special person will win the items below:

One copy of June Fuentes's Book 

($7.00 value)

One Free LillaRose Flexi Clip
($15.00 value) 

One Free $30.00 It's Blessing Gifts to Bless

($30.00 value)

One Free $10 Bag of Java Joe Pumpkin Spice Coffee
($10.00 value)

a Rafflecopter giveaway I want to thank all of you that donated your time, blog space, Facebook page, and made special donations for the give-a-way.  You all made this Adoption Fundraiser a special event for our family.  It was so special to our children.  They loved knowing that others were supporting us as we try to grow our family. 

We are so excited to be able to provide so many ways for you to be able to enter this special give-a-way.  Thank you for coming by and considering supporting our family as we embark on this very special adventure of adoption.  One last thing we ask, that you would pray for us.  There is still much to walk through before Caleb is in our arms and much wisdom in needed from the Lord.  If you would please pray for our family, we would so appreciate it.  Thank you so much.

With very special Love and Hearts full of Gratefulness,

The Wynn Family


  1. Praying and sending encouragement.

  2. What a wonderful fundraiser! Praying that Caleb can come home soon!

  3. So excited for you . . . I shared this on Facebook - we are adopting too!!